Bamboo Grassroots
Grassroots Organizing Of The Community, For The Community, By The Community (NOT a "Leader" Cla$$)

Organizing Efficiently


IF we can't get door bellers and leafleters and phone bankers and rah-rah sign wavers and letter writers and ... organized, THEN we'll lose - deservedly.

The NEA WEA SEA should have an open ONLINE calendaring / event management website.  EVERY union member should know that this website is THE place to go to participate.  



6 Sets of Questions should be answered:

1. WHAT are we going to do? 
A. Doorbelling, phone bank, rah rah, mailings, …
B. Citizens should be able to query by their precinct or zip code to see WHAT is going on around

2.  WHERE is the what to do? 
A. The corner of Main and 6th, the law office of someone, the statue of …
B. Citizens should be able to query by their precinct or zip code to see how many WHEREs are going on around them.

3. WHO are we working with.
A. Citizens should not be NOT dependent on any coordinator to do something, they should be able to self organize.

4. WHEN are we doing what?
A. Every Friday night, Just Sat the 6th …

5. HOW are we going to do it?
A. post the instructions on the web, so no one is dependent on any coordinator.

A. Charter school schemes or teacher evaluation schemes in the legislature, funding issues for education, school board candidates for EVERY school district, Kerry or Dean or Gephardt, Sims or Gregoire or Talmaldge, Save the whales or trees or termites, or, whatever issue.
B. It has to be easy for volunteers to find the campaign they want to work on.




Some of the Most Common Obstacles to Effective Organization, and Long Term Individual Involvement, in the Political Community:

1. Progressives, Liberals and Moderates are like cats, and too many campaign organizations are Command and Control structures, a model which works for people who march to the same tune, not cats.  Ultimately, Command and Control structures turn off volunteers, wrecking the political community.

2. Josh / Toby / CJ / Rove / McAulliffe / Carville  Wannabes:

A. Wannabees are typically more interested in the glamour and the glory of campaigns than the organizational grunt work, hence they do not perform the grunt work very well.  The resultant disorganization frustrates volunteers and wrecks the community. 

B. Wannabes who try to attain glamour and glory by manipulating resource access.  Organizations need to be open.  NOTHING we are doing is the Manhattan Project, get over yourselves. Secrecy turns off volunteers and wrecks the community. 

3. Volunteers get sick of not being able to do WHAT they like, of not being able to work WHEN it is best for their time, of not being able to be WHERE they are comfortable, of not being able to work with people WHO they like, and of not knowing HOW to do what, when, where, with who, these volunteers turn into non-volunteers, then they don’t participate in the political community, which wrecks community. 

4. Efficient event planning and calendaring = more work gets done to beat the opposition, AND, more potential volunteer participation as volunteers see more of their precious time used productively in the community.  For event planning and calendaring to be efficient, processes have to transparent and accessible, and what follows are a set of suggested guidelines to insure transparency and accessibility.  

Volunteers need to be able to self organize on the web. Ideally the site would be the Google of political campaigns. The site should be open to everyone, easy to use, and present a consistent user interface.